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PAPA Stock Aerial Photography Site


The newest benefit of being a PAPA member

YOU post your images, YOU set the price, YOU make the sale &

YOU keep all the money




The PAPA stock site is open to the public to search for images. Should a user find an image they want to purchase, an email is immediately sent to the photographer. Only the photographer can set the price and the deliverable. PAPA takes nothing from the sale. YOU the photographer make the sale and keep the money.


Register on the site with the link at the top right of the home page.

Registration for the site is completely separate from your login on the regular PAPA site. 

You can use the same password or something completely different. 

Once your membership in PAPA is confirmed your registration will be approved and you can begin to upload your photos.

PAPA Partnering

Whether you have bitten off more than you can chew with a job that is beyond your abilities and experience, or the job requires a manned aircraft and you are a drone company, or you need a drone photographer and your platform is a helicopter or airplane, our members often work with their PAPA colleagues sharing the load and adding to the profits.

PAPA eViews On-Line Newsletter

Our newsletter contains the latest information of interest to PAPA members including upcoming events, PAPA Classifieds for selling equipment, Colleague's News and more.

PAPA Shoot on the Members' Network

Participating PAPA members expand their coverage area by helping out with shooting assignments in their own geographic region. Imagine being able to offer international photo coverage to your clients!

Photography Competition

One of the most eagerly awaited sessions in the year is our very popular image competition. All year, members watch for their own extraordinary shots to enter into the competition. A panel of judges assesses the images using accepted grading criteria including title, impact, composition, and technical expertise awarding the images a variety of points. A selection of the award-winning images can be viewed on our Gallery page.

Members compete for prizes and glory with their work under several categories including:

  • Artistic
  • Construction Progress
  • Air-To-Air
  • Landscape
  • Commercial


PAPA's email discussion list run by PAPA International exclusively for its members is organized and managed by PAPA members. The purpose of this list is for PAPA members to discuss anything and everything related to the business of aerial photography. There are tentative plans to expand the abilities of this on-line tool to a forum type system that will allow better search and archive capabilities.

PAPA Website

PAPA’s current information in all areas can be found here. There is a public side that makes available information about PAPA, its Board of Directors, benefits, corporate partners, and membership applications in pdf format. It also describes past and upcoming events, awards earned by our members and much more. Potential clients can also search the PAPA database for an aerial photographer by name or geographic area. There is a members’ only side that contains announcements, pictures and articles about recent events, rules and details for the image competition, and many more member services.

Product Reviews / Technical Advice

As a large group of professionals, we have collectively "seen it all" and "done it all" in aerial photography! Get the advantage of friends with experience - help is only a phone call or email away!


When you join PAPA and on request, an existing, long-time member of PAPA may be assigned to you as your PAPA Pal to introduce you to other members and the opportunities that are available to you with your membership.