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Many PAPA members have published their own books on aerial photography. On this page you can read about and learn how to purchase a colleague’s book. You can also be inspired to produce your own book of beautiful imagery. Submit your book for this page!

Aerial Art from Denmark - by Jesper Larsen

154 pages, hard cover, coffee table book. 30x30 cm.
Pictures from the past 5 years. All pictures are from Denmark , taken as I happend to fly by.

Foreword from the book:

The North Sea stood out sharply, the sun was shining and there were not many waves this Saturday morning as I flew northbound along the West Coast, near Hvide Sande, at Ringkøbing Fjord. In the distance, out at sea, I could make out something orange, almost red. I was curious and turned my Cessna aircraft west, towards this spectacular sight. About two to three kilometres away, I could see that it was algae on the surface of the water. I took my camera, opened the window of the plane and began to photograph all the beautiful patterns that the colourful algae formed.
I often have experiences like this when I fly around Denmark to photograph properties for customers. My typical aerial photography customers are: farms, businesses, institutions etc., who order me to go up into the air and take pictures. On these flights I have the opportunity to observe and enjoy Denmark from above. All my missions shooting aerial photos are meticulously planned. It all starts in the office where I make a list of today’s recordings. In the plane I get ready with maps, GPS, camera etc. before take-off. I always keep a watchful eye on the landscape beneath me, ready to capture the next motif for my collection. The beautiful colours of nature fascinate me, and there are never two days with the same light and equal weather conditions. This makes every picture unique and impossible to recreate, I have just that one chance to capture the moment as I happen to fly by.
Thus, over the years I have gathered a remarkable collection of pictures documenting Denmark from above. It is a privilege for me to share these amazing motifs from my trips, as very few people have the opportunity to experience this for themselves. So for the last 7 years I have been sharing a ”Happy Wednesday” e-mail newsletter with new aerial photos from my trips. More than 1.000 customers, business partners and other interested people have signed up for receiving my weekly update with fresh images of Denmark from above.
People of all ages find aerial photos interesting. This is something I have observed over the past many years. When children and the elderly sit together, browsing through one of my books, they will often come up with very different observations and comments to the pictures. So I decided to find out what children really see in my images: I invited a 3rd grade class from a local school to have a look at the pictures. The children spent two hours watching the pictures in this book, and were then given the opportunity to name the images. The outcome is really fun and different! You can see the creative results in one of the final sections of the book.

See clip from the book here:

PAPA Price USD $45- plus shipping (Shipping cost to be determined by location)
Link to website:

  To purchase the book, please contact Jesper Larsen:   
Aerial Art from Denmark Jesper Larsen

Denmark - A Beautiful Spot on Earth - by Jesper Larsen

152 pages, hard cover, coffee table book. 25x33 cm.
Pictures from the past 5 years. All pictures are from Denmark , taken as I happend to fly by.

The snow-covered lake in the distance caught my eye. From 400 meters above I quickly realised that this was something special. I turned the plane a bit to the left to get a closer look. The closer I got, the more strange it looked. The pattern on the ice had a depth, making it look like a 3D work of art when looking down on it from the air. I felt as if in another world…
The picture can be seen on page three, in the ”Winter” chapter.
I often have unique moments like this when I fly around Denmark, photographing properties for my clients. It is typically farms, companies, schools etc., who book me to go up and take pictures. It is on these trips that I have plenty of opportunity to observe and enjoy Denmark from above. All my missions are always planned down to the last detail. It all starts at the office where I make a list of the day´s assignments. In the plane I prepare maps, GPS, camera etc., before going up.
I always keep an eye on the landscapes below me, to spot the next motif to my collection. The beautiful colours of Nature fascinate me. You do not get two days with identical weather and light, which makes my pictures unique; it will be difficult to ever find identical conditions as on the day I happened to fly by.
As the years go by it becomes a remarkable collection of pictures, documenting Denmark from a birds-eye view. To me it´s a great privilege sharing the spectacular motifs I see from the air as I fly all over Denmark. Very few people have an opportunity to experience something like this for themselves. Therefore, during the last 2 years I have sent out my “Glædelig onsdag / Happy Wednesday” mail to clients, partners and other people interested. This way, every Wednesday more than 2.000 people receive a mail from me with new aerial photos from one of my trips.
Denmark is a beautiful country, also from the air. Let´s take good care of it.

See clip from the book here:

PAPA Price USD $40,- plus shipping  (Shipping cost to be determined by location) 

To purchase the book, please contact Jesper Larsen:  

Link to website:

Denmark - A Beautiful Spot on Earth Jesper Larsen

A Higher Perspective - by Tore Ofteness


Longtime PAPA member Publishes his First Book of Photography


Tore Ofteness, (Tore Ofteness Photography) of Bellingham, began his lifelong love affair with aerial photography in 1964 while serving in the military.  His early experiments photographing from a fixed wing aircraft with a Kodak Brownie camera led him to a career in photography that earned him widespread acclaim from those who he has photographed for and from friends and colleagues in PAPA and beyond.  Tore was presented with the PAPA lifetime Achievement Award in 2014.


"I spent the first eight years of my life in rural Norway, surrounded by water, hills and mountains. In order to see it properly, I climbed trees for a higher perspective. When I came to Bellingham, the landscape was much like Norway so I quickly felt at home – but airplanes have replaced climbing trees. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are surrounded by beautiful landscapes – the Salish Sea to the west and the Cascade mountains to our east. I have long been drawn to the mountains – especially to photograph them from the air, which shows them in context and gives one a sense of scale."


At an art show opening at the Whatcom Museum of History and Art last year, Tore was approached by the owner of a local bookstore, Village Books.  He suggested that Tore publish a book of his beautiful photography.  “A couple of months ago, I followed up on that suggestion,” said Tore, “and a book is in the works.”


The book is being published by Village books and is nearly 100 pages. 

The title is:

A Higher Perspective,

Aerial Photographs of the Pacific Northwest by Tore Ofteness


The book may be purchased online for $24.95 at Village Books:



Tore can be reached directly at

A Higher Perspective by Tore Ofteness


This is Cork, An Aerial Journey by Dennis Horgan


In 2023 Dennis Horgan flew many hours across the entire County of Cork in light aircraft, capturing stunning high and low altitude aerial photographs of the City and County. The resulting collection of amazing images showcases Cork in all its diversity with stunning landscapes, heritage, modern and historic buildings, streetscapes, infrastructure, marine wildlife, maritime and sport/leisure.

Dennis specialises in aerial photography using fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. Operating out of Atlantic Flight Training Academy Cork Airport, Weston Airport Dublin and Abbeyshrule Aerodrome Longford, he covers the entire island of Ireland. He has also undertaken assignments in New York and Haiti.

Dennis also does aerial photo work for the corporate sector and his clients include: AIB, Commissioners of Irish Lights, Cork City Council, Doyle Shipping Group, Fáilte Ireland, Hooke & MacDonald, PJ Hegarty & Son, Nangle & Niesen, Dublin Port Company, O’Callaghan Properties, OFlynn Group, JCD Group, Cushman & Wakefield.

He has produced four books of aerial photography and is currently working on a fifth.

The book can be purchased on line HERE through Dennis' website.